Infographic: Another Record-Breaking Year for Metal Supermarkets

A Metal Supermarkets franchise is a unique opportunity for anyone who wants to turn metal into money. That continued to be the case in 2022, with the Metal Supermarkets network enjoying another record-breaking year and a strong customer approval rating.

If you’re ready to capitalize on this growing B2B opportunity and join a solid, stable and recession resistant network, contact our Franchise Development Team to start the one-on-one discovery process.


Despite lingering fears of a global recession, there remains a booming growth opportunity for Metal Supermarkets franchises: 2022 ended with an impressive 116 total open stores!

That success means that Metal Supermarkets franchisees continue to perform, posting a 23% year-over-year sales increase, with same-store sales up over 16%.

After fully launching it 2021, we continued to make enhancements to our eCommerce platform in 2022, resulting in an impressive 87% increase in sales!

These record sales have caught the eyes of the opportunistic entrepreneur, leading to 9 new stores across the United States and United Kingdom. With another 10 stores currently in the development pipeline for 2023, opportunity continues to knock at a feverish pace.


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