Metal Supermarkets Franchisee Donates to Welding Class

Jesse Johnson, franchisee of Metal Supermarkets Indianapolis (East), has been donating scrap metal to local schools for five years now. This is all in an effort to alleviate the shortage of welding professionals across Indiana. With the donations, Jesse’s goal is to encourage a younger generation to enter the welding trade by providing them hands […]

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Metal Supermarkets Sparks Student Interest in Welding

A projected 400 jobs will be added in the welding industry in Indiana by 2020, and schools are working to ensure students are trained and prepared to enter the workforce. Doing his part to encourage an interest in a welding career, Jesse Johnson, the franchisee of Metal Supermarkets Indianapolis (East), is donating metal off-cuts to […]

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Georgia Loses 14,900 Job In April

Jobs have been declining at a rapid pace in Atlanta, Georgia, losing 14,900 jobs in April 2019, according to the Department of Labor. This is the largest it has been since the Great Depression, indicating that years of strong job growth has lost its steam. This impact has been felt by local businesses, who are […]

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Skilled Worker Shortage

The skilled workers industry is suffering as an increasing number young adults are pursing four-year college degrees. This is leading to an expected shortage of 450,000 trade workers by 2022.  Wayne Grimes, franchisee at Metal Supermarkets in Knoxville has experienced this first hand. “We’re very fortunate that we’ve got a great staff right now. People […]

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Metal Supermarkets Partners with Trade Colleges

Tampa, Florida is experiencing a rapid decline in welders, with the American Welding Society predicting a nation-wide shortage of more than 450,000 skilled welding professionals by 2022. “It’s getting harder and harder to find people who are doing it,” states Brian Thompson, franchisee of two Metal Supermarkets in the Tampa area. However, this presents an […]

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Metal Supermarkets Supports Welding Students

Recognizing the shrinking number of trade laborers entering the workforce, Mark Hoenen has taken initiative by hiring high school students to help out at his Metal Supermarkets franchise in Victoria, British Columbia. Hoenen has hired Rile Gains, a 15-year old student from Claremont Secondary School who got hooked on to welding from the very first […]

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