Recession Resistant Business

77% of respondents ranked Metal Supermarkets as their #1 option for purchasing metal

While the COVID-19 pandemic has hampered many businesses across the world, the Metal Supermarkets franchise network continues to thrive, despite the economic slowdown brought on by the global pandemic.

By being declared an essential business, not only did all Metal Supermarkets stores remain open at all times during the pandemic, but so did our customers; many of which were also deemed essential. In fact, independent study commissioned by Metal Supermarkets revealed that for nearly 60% of their customers, it was ‘business as usual’ during the pandemic. With such a stable and varied customer base, Metal Supermarkets experienced robust sales growth in 2020 – in a year when so many other businesses were struggling.

Another big part of Metal Supermarkets 2020 success was due to our position in the industry. The same study revealed that 77% of customers ranked Metal Supermarkets as their #1 option for purchasing metal. A stable customer base and strong customer loyalty make Metal Supermarkets a business as solid as steel. This is a recession resistant business opportunity if there ever was one.

2020 also saw the expansion of the Metal Supermarkets network. Since the pandemic started, Metal Supermarkets has opened 9 new stores and sold another 18 territories! For an entrepreneur looking for a solid, stable business built on tangible assets, Metal Supermarkets is an excellent opportunity.

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