Infographic: Forging Strong Opportunities for Driven Entrepreneurs

A Metal Supermarkets franchise is a unique opportunity for anyone who wants to turn metal into money. Metal Supermarkets has not only proven to be recession resistant, but now pandemic proof.

Lockdowns have impacted global supply chains, but demand continues to increase in the steel industry creating a booming growth opportunity for Metal Supermarkets franchises.

The entirety of the Metal Supermarkets network set record revenues in 2020, including in March 2021 where Metal Supermarkets smashed our previous record for single month sales.

That success means that Metal Supermarkets franchisees continue to perform, posting 26% year-over-year sales increases in the first 4 months of the year, with the highest single month increase of over 46%.

These record sales have caught the eyes of the opportunistic entrepreneur, leading to 9 new stores since March 2020 – the start of the pandemic – while selling also 18 different territories in the same period. These stores and more are to come in 2021. Opportunity continues to knock.

If you’re ready to capitalize on this growing opportunity and join a solid, stable and recession resistant network, contact our Franchise Development Team to start the one-on-one discovery process.

Metal Supermarkets Infographic


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