Earn a Solid Income with Significant Potential for Growth

Owning a Metal Supermarkets store can be an extremely rewarding, fulfilling and profitable experience. In 2015, average annual sales for Metal Supermarkets stores exceeded $1,198,000 USD and average gross margins exceeded 50%1. As a Metal Supermarkets franchisee, you’ll have many opportunities to grow revenue and increase profits.

Tim Kemp (left), franchisee of Metal Supermarkets Vancouver (Burnaby, Langley, Richmond). In 2014, Metal Supermarkets Burnaby exceeded $4 million in sales1.

Scott Turner and Chris Hare, franchisees of eight Metal Supermarkets locations.


B2B Business

Enjoy the stability of a B2B business. You’ll help other businesses and entrepreneurs grow and deal with professional clientele. Our franchisees experience a high-level of repeat business from professional customers who truly value and need the products and services they provide.

A wide variety of businesses and industries need metal. Our stores are not dependent on a single source of customers.
Thousands of business customers require fast and easy access to metal. Our franchisees are on a first-name basis with many customers.
Most Metal Supermarkets stores are open doing regular business hours, leaving your evenings and weekends free.


Be Your Own Boss

As a Metal Supermarkets franchisee, you’ll set your own rules and lead a small team of motivated and engaged employees to success.

Enjoy the independence of small business ownership supported by the benefits of a big business network.
Manage a small team of 3-4 employees, unlike many other franchised businesses which require larger staffs.


Balanced Lifestyle

Metal Supermarkets helps entrepreneurs and motivated individuals achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations – both inside and outside the workplace. We help franchisees realize success in all aspects of their lives: family, personal and business.


One-on-one Support

Your dedicated business consultant will provide you with ongoing, one-on-one support and guidance. We’re never more than a phone call away.

A Franchisor That Cares About Your Success

Metal Supermarkets is a franchisor that truly cares about your success. We constantly strive to provide franchisees with the best support possible. Whether it’s helping you find the optimal location for your store, working with you on your new store marketing plan, or providing you with ongoing operational support, we are there for you every step of the way.

2016 Franchisees of the Year, Michelle & Henry Dow (right), with Metal Supermarkets CEO Stephen Schober
2015 Franchisee Award Winners, Hockey Hall of Fame, Toronto ON


Metal Supermarkets – A Win-Win Franchise Opportunity

Owning your own Metal Supermarkets franchise is a new and exciting opportunity to join a multi-billion dollar industry. Apply Now to learn more about how Metal Supermarkets can help you achieve all your personal, professional and financial goals.

1Figures are based on the 29 stores (independently owned and operated by our franchisees) that operated for an entire four year period (2012-2015) either on our server based (ERP) platform, or that converted from a standalone system to our server-based platform. The figures do not include information on 21 currently operating franchised Stores that were not open for the entire four year period (two of which were opened in 2012, two of which were opened in 2013, nine of which were opened in 2014, six of which were opened in 2015, as well as two Stores that did not have complete information for the entire periods. A new franchisee’s individual financial results may differ from the results stated above.

2For the period July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014

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