The World’s Largest Supplier Of Small Quantity Metals


Since 1985, Metal Supermarkets has undergone considerable network expansion with no signs of slowing down. Countless businesses across many industries have an immediate need for small-quantity metal, and turn to Metal Supermarkets’ to fulfill that need. Even during uncertain economic times, Metal Supermarkets has continued to grow and thrive in our chosen markets.

An Untapped Market

While conventional metal distributors have always focused on selling large quantities of specific metals or shapes, Metal Supermarkets broke the mold. We understood consumer frustration with the inability to purchase a variety of metals in smaller quantities, and used this knowledge as the foundation of our business. Over 30 years later, Metal Supermarkets has pioneered the perfect business model to fulfill this niche in the metal distribution industry. With virtually no competition, over 60,000 loyal customers rely on Metal Supermarkets as a one-stop-shop for their small-quantity metal requirements.

Stable Industry

Metal is not a fad or a trend! It has been used for thousands of years and is part of a multi-billion dollar industry. Over time, our product offerings have remained relatively unchanged, and we expect to be selling the same metals and services for many years to come. Businesses in every market require metal and metal-related products and services on an ongoing basis, and they rely on Metal Supermarkets because of our speed, variety, convenience and world-class customer experience.

Our Proven Business System

With a track record of success, our business system and processes are designed to help franchisees succeed in the small-quantity metals industry. Our “Profitable Partnership” philosophy means that we will always improve, share, and implement that System, giving our franchisees a solid foundation and the tools they need to build their business.

Extensive and Ongoing Support

We are passionate about assisting and guiding our franchisees in building a successful business. From a comprehensive store opening process to dedicated business consultants that provide ongoing guidance and advanced business strategies, you will never be on your own. Our proven marketing programs will also aid you by attracting quality leads while maintaining a valuable online presence for your store.

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